Study Tour Program (Study Tour Planning and Operation)

SKYUS meets the desires and purposes of groups like educational institutions and businesses etc. to carry out study tour programs, providing services all the way from planning and proposal to operation.In each area, we receive cooperation from businesses, organizations, colleges, universities and high schools, refusing seated or observatory learning and insisting on practical study tour programs, including opportunities for exchange and interaction with the local community, and striving to link this to the nurturing of the “Next Generation Global Leaders. “

Exchange Programs With the Local Community

One large characteristic of SKYUS is that it’s programs use the community networks in each region to their greatest potential.We use each region’s high school and college educational institutions, the professors, lecturers and students there, as well as businesses and commercial establishments, sports establishments, amusements and the natural environment.
Through these networks, it is possible to really experience history and culture etc.

Coordinated by Japanese Staff

Japanese coordinators are present in areas where SKYUS programs are provided.
We provide support so that all the members of every group can feel safe and secure to participate in the program. Furthermore, the coordinators continually study the program service content, and conduct direct various negotiations in the local area so are able to propose more valuable and responsible programs.

Educational Programs Valuing “Purpose”

As we provide SKYUS programs we are continually paying attention to “purpose.” As a program maker for overseas education, we take each group’s requests into consideration and contemplate what should be actualized and how the program should be provided before we make our proposals. Following program completion we make a review, and through detecting points for improvement we are able to continue to develop more refined programs.

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Examples of Programs Provided

Programs for Elementary and Junior High School Students
Korea English Village Program / Singapore English Camp Program

Programs for College Students
Exchange Program with Local College Students / Research Institute and Business Observation Program / Short-Term Internship Program

Programs for Junior and Senior High School Students
English + Activity Program / Buddy Program with Local High School Students / Exchange Program with Local College Students / Exchange Program Using Local Educational Facilities / Research Institute and Business Observation Program / Sports Exchange Program / University of California, San DiegoJunior Camp (Kizuna Camp)

Program for Working Adults
Study Tour Program for Corporations / Senior Study Tour Program