Internship Program

Recently globalization has advanced, and now, it is an age where people from various countries work together. Through short term English language study and a work training experience at a company in the U.S., the large goals are “Placing oneself in an environment where it is necessary to use English” and “Becoming aware of the working way in the U.S.”
Studying English and acquiring a living international way of thinking is an excellent program for university students who have job hunting ahead of them, and for workers who are seeking to upgrade their careers.

Partner Host Companies Have Understanding in Hosting Interns

Many of the companies which SKYUS dispatch to have accepted interns many times in the past, furthermore, these are all companies which agree with our goal to create opportunities to nurture global personnel. Interns do more than odd jobs which don’t use the mind, according to the intern’s skills and passion, they are also given actual tasks.

New York and California: The Originators of World Business

It goes without saying that New York, and centered on LA the State of California, are the business originators that are leading the world economy.
Not just giant U.S. businesses, but also numerous foreign companies and of course Japanese companies are also present. We are not providing this as English language study; with the aim of nurturing global personnel, we are mainly providing internships at businesses striving to do their best in these business originating areas.Experience in these areas is sure to become the foundation for future activities.

Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support

Most people who experience an internship in the U.S. have never experienced working in the U.S. in the past. Furthermore, among these are some students who have never had experience working in Japan. In collaboration with our Japan and U.S. offices, we give total care by accurate information provision and matching before departure, and by undertaking orientation and providing local support following arrival.

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Examples of Programs Available by Country

Short-Term Unpaid Internship Program/OPT Program /Long-Term Paid (J1)Internship Program /Volunteer Program/(J1)Visa Support Service for Companies

Short-Term Unpaid Internship Program/Long-Term Paid Internship Program

Short-Term Unpaid Internship Program/Long-Term Paid Internship Program