The Meaning of the SKYUS Logo

SKYUS was established in San Diego, California, a city said to be the U.S.’s best.

The SKYUS logo depicts three seagulls joined together flying over the great U.S. plateau, while at the same time an image of a cloud overlooking the plateau can also be visualized.

The three seagulls, portraying ‘Japan’, ’SKYUS’ and the ‘U.S.’, change their shape like clouds in free expression, representing the role our company is undertaking as a bridge connecting the world and the U.S.

Furthermore, SKYUS has now expanded offices in the U.S. to Los Angeles and New York., as well as to Vancouver Canada, Singapore, and to Sydney Australia.

The role of the three seagulls is to continue to grow to become a bridge to connect not only the U.S. but also ‘Japan’, ’SKYUS’ and the ‘World.’