KIZUNA CAMP 2017 – Day 5 [アメリカ人高校生交流サマーキャンプ@UCSD]

Day 5- Saturday July 29th, 2017

Sunny (81°)

7:30am- 8:30am – Breakfast at 64 Degrees

10:00am – 5:00pm – SeaWorld with American Students

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Dinner at 64 Degrees

7:00pm – 8:00pm –Free Night

Hello everyone! It is finally the weekend and we spent the day at SeaWorld. SeaWorld is famous for the Shamu show with the orca whales doing tricks for the crowd. Today, our group spent most of their time riding the roller coasters and practicing English with the 7 American students!

Today was a very sunny and hot day, so it was a nice change from the clouds. Luckily, we were at SeaWorld so most of the rides involved getting wet!


We split up into 3 teams, and the team names were Team Pink Tiger, Team Horseshoe Crab, and Team Onigiri.


Team Pink Tiger was very excited about the roller coasters, so they went on a lot of rides today! They even went on one ride, called Manta, five times!!! That’s right, 5 times!!!


Team Horseshoe Crab went on some rides, but they also saw the Dolphin Show called “Blue Horizons.” They saw dolphins do impressive tricks and splash the audience!


Team Onigiri also rode some fun rides and got wet in the process! This group also saw the famous Shamu Show, called Orca Encounters. Luckily, they sat far enough and did not get soaked! Be careful of the “splash zone!”


Everyone was able to have a great time at SeaWorld at their own pace and practice their English together. Students even had the chance to touch small tiger sharks!

I think the best part of SeaWorld was watching all of the students really push themselves to practice their English with the American students. Everyone had such a great time in their groups. It was hard to say goodbye to the American students because everyone wanted to keep talking to each other 🙂

Tomorrow, we will visit San Diego’s historic Old Town, watch a Padres game, and go souvenir shopping at Seaport Village! We will be tired after all these fun events!

Have a good night and Thanks for reading 🙂


7月29日(土) 晴れ 81°F/27℃